White Label Services

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Build a virtual team that works on your projects, delivers all of your client work, and improves your project performance.


For businesses, particularly small businesses with limited time, money and resources, white label services offer great opportunities to compete with bigger players in their field.

Front-Facing Service


When providing a front-facing service, if your client asks a technical question related to the project that we’re managing, we’re already on the phone to answer for them right at that moment. We can provide a far better customer experience with our front-facing capability, where your clients can talk to our professionals working on their projects.

Dedicated Project Manager


Dedicated project managers manage all aspects of your project(s), from conception to completion. This ensures that clients’ project goals are met on time and within budget. We have been providing white label services for digital transformation for a variety of companies, we invite you to transform with us.

Transparent Workflow


We make it easy for you to manage and monitor your projects from start to finish. On a regular basis, we keep you up to date on what’s going on with the project. Our team has years of experience in project management, which enables us to provide our clients with an efficient and effective workflow. We take pride in our ability to meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

Scale Your Team


With us, you can focus more on your primary business solutions — When you have a deadline, a white label service partner like us can offer the extra support your in-house team may neeed.  All you have to do is give your requirements, besides any process you want us to follow, and we will take care of the rest. Our clients can always count on us to deliver their projects on time and within budget.

Are you ready to scale your agency with our white label services and solutions?


GiNi will bring together experts from a variety of fields to drive our clients’ success. Our multi-functional teams can help you develop processes and technologies, coordinate with existing resources, create new opportunities to improve your bottom line, and seize the most exciting new possibilities presented by digital technologies.

Until you are completely happy, we won’t give up. That is our pledge.

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